The “Verità e Visioni” (Truths and Visions) project

This is the new version of the “Verità e Visioni” (Truths and Visions) project, created in 2009 as an experiment of multimedia independent magazine and laboratory of social and cultural “communicAction”. In these years I have produced some contents, while I was working mainly in the communication and promotion of projects for various NGOs. The old site is still visible here: www.veritaevisioni.it. In 2013 I came back to experience myself totally as a freelance journalist, photoreporter and filmmaker. After some months of living in Spain to shoot a documentary on flamenco, now in the editing stage (see: www.flamencosinfronteras.net), has come again the moment to search for “truth and visions” and revive this project, between milestones and news: discover them below and be part of it!

Mission and Vision

The central ideas continue to be the following: to try to tell local and global stories about social and cultural issues, which could offer pieces of truth and/or visions on contemporary society; to experience more narrative styles – articles, photos, videos, music, poetry, art – ; to promote these contents on the internet, in a passionate, caring, professional and creative way, but also to create or follow cultural events. All of this with a double consciousness: to be able to offer only a partial interpretation of facts and experiences that contributes to a plural truth; but also that a selective research of themes and experiences to deepen, direct contact with the sources and people and a creative approach to narration, can provide interesting and as objective as possible visions. I wish I could show more than demonstrate, with the cooperation of those who want to join this path, creating a network of free people, hungry at the same time of wisdom and madness, for a project that I try to define, between seriousness and irony, “journalecoartistry”. To maintain full independence I would like that it’s mainly you or your organization who can make possible this form of storytelling and cultural laboratory, not a biased editor or too intrusive advertising, but people who participate and that are not only readers. How? In addition to sharing and comment, call me to tell stories reported by you or a group of people: in exchange for a donation and hospitality, I or collaborators will carry out a reportage, which in any case will be carried out independently, because we are interested in deepening but not propaganda.

Truth and Visions 2.0: responsive, multimedia, multilanguage

Among the changes is the adoption of a new software to manage the site, WordPress, and an elegant and clean “responsive” graphic theme (ie, that adapts to the screens of various devices), Pinboard, with posts displayed in a grid style, all customized with the help of my friend web developer Michele Roncaglione of 10100.to (with whom we can offer to others the creation and management of websites). The old sections “truths,” ” visions” and “1 truth and 1 vision in 2 minutes” are unified in the “magazine” section, which shows all the posts in the main area of the homepage, identified by categories representing different subjects, while a voice menu invokes the posts by media format. This unification to reinforce the idea that “truths and visions” are connected: the “pieces” of observable truth descend from the particular points of view you can access and make some possible visions arise, while those expressed by some of the stories characters, will descend from “his” or “her” truth. The new portfolio section is devoted to projects and work in progress or made​​, because this is could be also a creative laboratory of social and cultural communication and production. New is also the desire to rethink the concrete subjects of the contents, to give more continuity than in the past to updates, to work in an international and intercultural horizon, experiencing the writing in multiple languages ​​and videos in the original language (clicking on the flags you can select the website version: Italian, English or Spanish). There is the desire to find an original style and recover lightness, that is not superficial, to find in our society the essence beyond the appearance, to ask the questions that everyone would and look for more human answers to the queries of our time. Concretely, stubbornly, especially seeking experiences of positive change and signs of life are able of whom react to fear and cultural decadence of a society in crisis, with the confidence that daring we could create a better one for everyone and that some pieces of this, that needs more voice, is already under construction.

Participate and contribute

To realize at least some of these ambitions will be possible only if you’ll help, collaborating or donating because the project is carried out, because contents on the internet, to remain free to access but high quality, cannot be costless. Let’s make information and culture a process to which all contribute, let’s save paper and trees, but please let’s also live independent “Journalecoartists” of their work. You can support Verità e Visioni not only with money but also with hospitality, with credits to events, tickets for public transport to let me travel, giving goods in kind (and why not?). You can comment and share with friends. And also say some thanks to make me feel that this commitment may have sense, .

Read below how you can contribute concretely in detail and contact me to “send me” to search for “truth and visions”.

Thank you!

Filippo Ciardi


mail: filippo@veritaevisioni.infofacebook page; twitter: @filippociardi; skype: filippo.ciardi

5 ways to participate and support the project :


Make a voluntary DONATION with reason “Verità e Visioni”, or a contribution in return for hospitality on this portal to a video where you express your “1 truth and 1 vision in 2 minutes” on a matter of public interest, if you have original stories to tell . You can donate:

    • With Paypal and credit card:

  • With a bank transfer, made payable to Filippo Ciardi, cod. IBAN: IT 45 Y 08922 21500 000000606946 .
  • With a “Tip” contribution clicking on the button under each video on our Vimeo Channel.


Share links this website content on your blog, on your social networks, by email. Contact me and we will organize a creative presentation in your territory.


“Commission” a reportage, suggest a survey on a topic for which you or your organization have information to offer, if you are willing to bestow a donation to contribute to the costs, such as travel and hospitality. The reportage will be done anyway in a journalistic style, with independence and impartiality.


If you are a socially responsible organization, promote your activities with a banner ad on this portal. Or if you’re organizing a social or cultural event, we can agree a media partnership to document it.


If you need a customized promotional communications service, please contact me for a quote. Directly or in collaboration with a network of partners I can offer the services of press office, photo-video documentation, management and implementation of websites, organization and promotion of events, promotional campaigns and fundraising, coordination of reports and social budgets.

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