Coronavirus: the governments publish numbers… but the counts do not add up

How many people are infected, have recovered from or have died of Coronavirus? We do not know. And we will never know as long as governments continually publish every day data that is not true information, because it is so unreliable that even they themselves have to admit it, like the Alert and Emergencies Committee of the Spanish government did at the end of last week. The worst part is that despite this, the political leaders of our countries have been taking drastic public health decisions, such as the confinement of millions of people, and suggesting one type of health intervention over another, blindly, for months. They now declare they want to loosen quarantine restrictions based on supposed results based on information they don’t even have for their own responsibility, and not only because the data surrounding the virus and number of people already infected is hard to collect. The truth is that in many countries there is still no effective strategy for diagnosing and treating those infected with Coronavirus. This, after months from the first warning signs from China and the World Health Organization. And despite the fact that the WHO recommended carrying out widespread diagnostic tests from the very beginning. This problem, that the “counts do not add up” and that the use of these “numbers” is contradictory (or even manipulative) was strikingly shown by the representatives of the Health Alert and Emergency Coordination Committee of the Spanish government in the press conference held on Friday 17th of April 2020, and again on 24th of April, announcing and comparing data of the allegedly infected, dead and treated on the basis of different criteria compared to the previous days, after changing the detection method, and taking into account only the numbers that would justify their theses. Not only the behavior of the Spanish institutions, but also of the Italian, French and other ones, can be seen as evidence as well, and we will try to analyze it in search of an exit from the tunnel of a phenomenon we will call “datacracy”.

Make yourself comfortable and please support us. So that we can start a deep journey together in Spain, in Italy and France, and possibly other countries, to try to interpret and compare the data with which our governments bomb us every day, using the same war language with which they have been using their numbers and curves for weeks on end. Data they are using as a justification for putting us all in a trench, with the intention that we have the ability to defend ourselves from an enemy against whom «we have no bombs» (textual words of the Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez of Saturday the 18th of April). Let’s try to better understand what the aims and results of these “war strategies” are, and if there are other better and more sensible means by which this battle can be fought, before it becomes permanent or makes casualties of us all. If not only for the Coronavirus, but for the impossibility of returning to a life, which for the moment is subtracted to us by an alarm state, or from alarming state decisions.


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