Lustro de vino y alegría: a short movie about Tabanco Plateros in Jerez

Tabanco Plateros was the first bar where I and my friend Stefano Liuzzo stopped in November 2012 on our first night in Jerez, Andalusia, where we began our research for what in 2016 I presented at Festival de Jerez as the documentary Flamenco sin Fronteras (see On November 23, 2016 I and my friend Roberto D’Armiento, who also came in Jerez for flamenco and is living here for many years, presented our short movie on the history of the tabanco, which on November 24 has been reopened with a lot of success in his new premises in Algarve street, after its first 5 years of life in plaza Plateros. I am delighted to participate with Roberto in this new stage of the bet of the owners Jaime and Luz, the waiters, and the tabanquera tribe, and to be with them in a new moment of my personal and professional life, starting another Time from Tabanco Plateros. Thanks, good luck and many lusters of wine and joy for all of us. Have a good vision!

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