“Three men and a town in a cage” video teaser. Finance a documentary on post earthquake reconstruction in L’Aquila

A 3:32 minute video teaser to remember the time of the earthquake that destroyed L’Aquila on the 6th of April of 2009, the people who are no longer there and those who have resisted for almost 10 years. Finance a third filming session so that I finish the documentary, meeting again Stefano, Luca, Federico and the other people from L’Aquila who lost their home, with whom I spent the summer 2012 and whom I returned to shoot a second time 5 years after the earthquake. They told the reasons for the slow reconstruction, which in the meantime has made progress, even if the historic center remains largely to be rebuilt and still almost inhabited. When I looked for a producer for this documentary in these years they replied that L’Aquila was no longer in the news. If instead you want to help me to give a signal against “the cages” in which the people from L’Aquila have been placed, support the production of this documentary before April 2019, so that it can end it for the tenth anniversary of the earthquake. Share this video and donate here in veritaevisioni.info, from the “about” section of the site, or by looking directly for the Paypal account filippo@veritaevisioni.info, with the goal “documentary L’Aquila” or “Three men and a town in a cage”, or by bank transfer requesting an IBAN. To all those who will give at least 20 euros and write to me, I will send the documentary file, if I can achieve a third and final shooting session, otherwise I will allocate what I gather for a social activity in L’Aquila. I would like that my commitment could serve at least to reconstruct stories, dignity and relationships, if not buildings. Thank you!

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