Videoreportage: A small church, bridge between Chineses and Italians

intervista a don Francesco Saverio Wang

Father Francesco Saverio Wang arrived from China in Prato in 2009 to provide, in the church of the Ascension, to the needs of the few Catholics of the huge Chinese community. In this interview he tells of the difficulties of compatriots, including those of being absent from work to attend Mass on Sundays, but also how the parish has become for them a family and a meeting point between Italian and Chinese, even non-Christians. With the hope that these signals, along with some initial change in factories, after the fire last December that killed seven Chinese workers, and the contribution of the new generations, leading to a better living.

Watch from this link the video posted on La Would you like a version with English subtitles? Contact me at info[at] or leave a comment here, and if you can, suggest me a theme and contacts for a new reportage. Thank you!

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