(English) Imperfecto. Flamenco comes from Finland – documentary in development

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Director’s statement

Could Flamenco come (back) from Finland? In a second part of the project “Flamenco sin Fronteras / Flamenco without Borders”, the director changes the point of view. After a first movie where 40 characters show in Andalusia the different and contradictory ways of living this unique and universal art, in this new documentary, one should discover what is flamenco where you would not imagine it, how a living art can evolve beyond the borders of its geographical, cultural and aesthetic environment of origin (Spain), in a nordic country, where people generally don’t speak the “flamenco language”, but where you can surprisingly find a niche of addicted people who communicate with “flamenco codes”, establishing an alternative scene.


The documentary explores the life, rehearsals and performances of 3 groups of Finnish flamenco artists and also their relationship with Spanish ones and the public, mostly in Finland, but also in Spain, where they travel to attend festivals and classes, bringing back to the cradle of flamenco a new way of interpreting it and showing it to the fans from all over the world who gather in these international events. So, the project would be a tale about personal and community identity and a musical metaphor of a contemporary melting pot, regenerating also flamenco itself, that already developed from different cultures.

For more info and to have a complete draft of the project: info@flamencosinfronteras.net

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